DTS – Discipleship Training School



“KINGDOM DTS” – September – February 

Location: DURRES    

CONTACT: dtsalbania@gmail.com

God is waiting on you to say “YES”.   Keep dreaming and be limitless in God’s plan for your life! 

Can you imagine your life marked for destiny that changes nations?  Five months can change the rest of your life!        As we listen to the cries of the Balkan nations for redemption and love, we see their striving to find their destiny. God has placed incredible potential and gifting into the new generation and our passion is to see them equipped, trained and released into the world to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to transform cities and nations.  We believe that this generation will model a new kind of leadership, reflecting Jesus’ example of servanthood as they themselves serve people and lead them toward the heart of the Father.



Do you have a heart for missions? Do you feel God is calling you to take on the baton of leadership? Are you looking to find out what your calling and destiny is in God’s Kingdom?  Then DTS Albania is the right place for you! 1-Front page DTS 2018

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“”I thank God for bringing me into this family. You have shown such a genuinely love, trust and acceptance. You helped me get healed and leave behind the past” ”  – Lyndsey 

“DTS built the foundation of my faith and brought healing in my heart. I learned to hear God’s voice and to believe for greater things.” – Joy

“I didn’t know what the Father’s love was and how to love others until I experienced it in DTS” -Bledi

What is a DTS ?

The DTS reflects YWAM’s heartbeat and purpose: To Know God and Make Him Known.

It is a five month, full-time, residential training program that gathers people who are hungry to know God and make Him known. The course challenges participants to listen to, worship, and follow God. The DTS is designed to encourage you in personal character development, cultivating a living relationship with God, as well as identifying your unique, individual gift and calling in God. It will further equip you to serve God’s purpose either in or outside of the YWAM family of ministries, strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, preparing you to reach current and future generations, influencing multiple spheres of society.

The course is divided into two phases. The first phase, called lecture phase, for 12 weeks brings you into the vibrant community life with the other DTS students, our YWAM staff and the teachers while you live and learn together.

During lecture phase, you will hear daily teaching from interactive and innovative international speakers, YWAM leaders, and other members of staff, using diverse learning styles to communicate the heart of Jesus for the world. You will engage in worship and intercession, be mentored by one from our staff team in a one-on-one setting, and participate in small groups outside the classroom.

The second phase is field placement. This phase, which lasts for 8 weeks, provides an opportunity to put into action what you have been learning. The field Placement takes students to the mission field to serve God through evangelism, acts of compassion, intercession, and other expressions of God’s love.



As a DTS student, you will spend every weekday morning in class, learning about God’s character, His voice, and His design for our lives. Each week of the DTS is given a specific theme with a designated speaker to teach on that topic. Some topics include Identity in Christ, The Father Heart of God, Sin and Forgiveness, Servant-hood Leadership, and Missions. Class time is a unique opportunity to forge friendships with others on your DTS as you learn together about God and hear from inspirational speakers.

Worship and Intercession

Another major part of lecture phase is time spent in worship and intercession. A DTS trainee will spend at least three hours a week in worship and intercession. We believe that worships call us into God’s presence and allow us to hear His voice more clearly. When we hear His voice clearly, we can understand His heart and pray with intention and conviction that His will would be done among the people of the world and in their nations.

Practical Work

Each trainee on a DTS participates in practical work every afternoon. These work projects can range from cooking dinner to cleaning the floor. Because there are such a variety of jobs to be done, often trainees are divided into smaller groups to do work duties, which provide a great opportunity for forming friendships and learning teamwork while completing a work project.

Small Groups and One-on-Ones

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of lecture phase, small groups and one-on-ones provide an intimate and safe environment for DTS trainees to process with their staff and peers what they are feeling and how they are doing throughout the DTS program. Often what is learned in the classroom is understood in the head, but it takes deeper conversations and more personal input for that head knowledge to become heart knowledge.

Small groups are a weekly time for four to six students to gather and process together how the week is going. One-on-ones are also weekly meetings, but conducted by a member of staff who serves as a mentor to the DTS trainee for the duration of the school.

Local Outreach

Local outreaches are an exciting component of lecture phase on a DTS. During local outreaches, DTS trainees head into downtown and other surrounding areas to talk about God with others, pray for the town, pray for the sick and help out with local ministries.


Choosing a Location

A lot of prayer and intercession goes into choosing a location for field placement and often a few nights are dedicated to prayer so we can best discern where God is calling us for each school. Field placement involves an overseas location, as well as one in Albania. Most schools split into more than one team for field placement, so once locations have been determined, trainees are then asked to pray about which team they should join. This is an exciting time for everyone in the DTS — staff included!

Making God Known

Because the overall purpose of the DTS field placement is to take the knowledge of God gained during lecture phase and put it into practice by making God known around the world, sharing God’s truth with others is undoubtedly the main component of the field placement phase. This can take many different forms, and creativity in evangelism is always encouraged on a DTS field placement. Trainees can express God’s love in many different ways on a DTS field placement. This could mean performing a dance in a public square, speaking at a church, performing works of compassion, visiting an orphanage, or praying for someone on the streets. Above all, making God known is about being an example of Christ to people and sharing God’s love.


At the end of the field placement (and at the end of the entire DTS programme) the trainees have a time of debrief where teams regroup, share testimonies, and process what God has done in them and through them over the course of the DTS. Debrief week culminates in graduation, when DTS trainees receive their diplomas and are released to continue to respond to Christ’s Great Commission by doing God’s work and making Him known to the nations.